Reimagine your own design elements in an entirely new fashion. 

 We utilize your own pieces for maximum impact.

Ou​r Process

We can create table top magic with your favourites or shop together for fabulous! 

Step One: Consultation

The consultation is designed for us to assess your space and create a vision for how you want to transform it. We will take photographs and give suggestions based on the pieces you want to keep. 

Step Two: Proposal

We will then draw up a plan and present our time line and the steps to reach the ultimate design goal. This will include how you would like to dispose of any items you wish to subtract. We believe in ethically disposing of items you no longer want. We have partnered with local organizations who will recycle, donate, hand-down, etc., in an environmentally friendly manner.

Step Three: Design

Now the fun part begins! Based on your style, we will go shopping for pieces to compliment your design and begin to place everything together. 

Step Four: Completion

As the final step, we will reveal your new space and take photographs.

Additional Information

Our initial consultation fee is $100.00. We will come to the location of your choice and photograph your current design elements. From these photos, we will suggest rearrangements, additions, and subtractions. We will agree on what you would like to have done. Our hourly rate is $50.00. We move furniture, rehang art and rearrange your tabletop pieces. We ethically recycle what you no longer want or need. If we determine, with you, that you may require some additional design treasures, we will shop and purchase with a prior estimate. We provide an instant paid invoice and accept cash, checks and e-transfers.

We do not clean. Please have your location in workable condition.